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Unnecessary contraceptive pills have to be used to prevent pregnancy from unsafe sexual intercourse. Contraceptive birth control pills can be purchased in Bangladesh without prescription. You can see Emcon1 and Norix, Pulley, etc. in any pharmacy in Bangladesh. To whom There is 1.5 mg levonorgestrel, which contains a type of drug called progestogen. Emergency contraceptives can be purchased through online. If you need an emergency contraceptive you can rely on to deliver on time. Online Shop of Famous Brands of Bangladesh.

What is Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP)? 

The Emergency Contraceptive Pill is called the ECP A Path or Birth Control Pill for those looking to distance themselves from the pregnancy of unsafe sexual intercourse. Levonorgestrel is a hormone in pills that plays a vital role in abstaining from pregnancy. The tablet is preserved for rapid results in incomplete sex. Emergency Contraceptive Pills can prevent pregnancy against pregnancy, for example, rape, condom slips or breaks, unsafe sexual intercourse, etc. So these pills should be used. Emergency contraceptive pills are recoverable that do not require an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

How Does Contraceptive Pills Work?

Emergency Contraceptive pills depend on how quickly you consume them due to unsafe sex. Contraceptive pills prevent pregnancy after a set time and discharge eggs from the ovaries for treatment Contraceptive pills embedded in a cure uterus contribute to some preparations.  The contraceptive pill clearly offers no protection against infectious illness. Protecting yourself from pregnancy after you have unsafe sexual intercourse with your partner is typically within 12 hours and not specifically within 72 hours (3 days) after the protected sexual intercourse. The safe levonorgestrel used within 72 hours of mating. Birth control pills should not be used as regular pills For women.Millions of women in the world today have planned their families using birth control pills. Because the diet pill is a tolerable and effective (97% -99.9%) modern birth control method. The diet pill is a completely temporary and variable birth control method. That means you keep taking the pill as long as you don't want to get pregnant. Stopping the pill will restore your fertility. Menstruation is regular by taking food pills and many menstrual problems are reduced. In addition to preventing pregnancy, food pills have many benefits for the body in many cases.

Side process:

One type of food pill adapts to one type of woman's body. However, some women may experience some difficulties while taking the pill in the early stages. Such as dizziness, headache, nausea, or a small drop of blood that may come out in the form of menstruation while taking the pill. If you take regular pills, all the symptoms go away naturally within two to three months. Women who have such symptoms after two-three months should consult a doctor and take any other procedure from the beginning of the next menstrual period as directed by the doctor.
Emergency pill usage rules:
1. If you decide to take the pill, wait until your next menstrual period begins.2. From the first day of menstruation, start eating Femicon with the white pill marked with a thick arrow.3. From the next day onwards, follow the arrow mark at the same time every day and continue to take one pill every day at a certain time, such as at night before going to bed.4. After eating 21 white pills every 21 days, you should take 8 brown pills every 7 days from the next day.5. You will probably be menstruating while taking brown colored pills. Do not stop taking brown pills when menstruation starts. If the brown pill is taken regularly for 7 days, in addition to compensating for the iron deficiency, the prescribed rules of taking the pill will be fine. If you have not started menstruating during this time, check with your doctor to determine if you are pregnant.6. According to the above rule, you should start eating a new Femicon leaf pill from the day after the end of 6 brown pills. You should continue eating this rule until you want another child.
What to do if you forget to take the emergency pill?
1. If for some reason you forget to take the pill one day, you will take the forgotten pill immediately whenever you remember the next day.2. If for any reason you forget to take the pill for two days in a row, then you have to take two pills as soon as you remember and two pills again the next day and you have to use another method of condom with the pill till the leaf of this pill is finished. However, in order to keep the menstrual period regular, the remaining days should be eaten once a day on a regular basis. And from the first day of the next menstrual period, you have to start eating again with the first pill of the white pill in the top row of a new packet.3. Some drugs interfere with the effectiveness of the pill. Consult your doctor if you are taking antibiotics rifampicin or any painkillers. During this time you may need to use another birth control method.
In cases where it is forbidden to take food pills
1. If you are pregnant.2. If you are over 45 years of age.3. If you are a heavy smoker, that is, you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day.4. If you have blood clots in your arteries.5. If there is any disease in your liver or you have jaundice.6. If you feel high blood pressure, severe headache, whole or hard inside the breast, excessive bleeding due to which it has not been diagnosed, notice these problems. Serious adverse reactions have been reported among pill users. However, if you are healthy and not addicted to smoking, these adverse reactions are less likely.7. If you experience any difficulty after starting the food pill, such as migraine, vision or speech changes, abnormal pain in the legs or swollen chest, severe pain or shortness of breath, yellowing of the skin or increase in blood Consult a doctor or contact a nearby family planning clinic.

Emergency Pill BD |AT Goponjinish online Shop 

One of the best emergency contraceptive pills in Bangladesh can be used to prevent pregnancy from unsafe sexual intercourse. Bangladesh has ECP accessible so you can opt for a specific emergency contraceptive pill. As a guarantee of safety and the well-being of girls, it is essential to prove emergency contraceptive pills in Bangladesh. Emcon 1 is seen as a standout among other contraceptive pills   Emcon 1 contains 1.5 mg levonorgestrel. This progestin-drug prevents ovulation or fertilization and therefore protects against pregnancy. Produced and marketed by Emcon 1 Renata Limited in Bangladesh. Emcon 1 should not be taken on a regular basis if you vomit within 3 hours of taking this pill in case of an emergency, then consume another which contributes significantly to protected sex and contraceptive failure. Contraceptive pills depend on how quickly you consume them due to unsafe sex. It works successfully during pregnancy but contraceptive pills are recommended for regular service.

Emergency Contraception Advantages

An emergency contraceptive pill can be used to prevent pregnancy from unsafe sexual intercourse. Emergency contraceptive pills have the following benefits
  1. Safe for all types of women.
  2. Long-term fertility does not affect contraceptive use.
  3. Abortion does not occur if you consume pills for a specified period of time.
  4. Women can use emergency contraceptive pills at any time during the menstrual cycle.
  5. Contraceptive pills are not harmful to your health.

Things To Consider

 Here are some things to consider before using the right contraceptive pill for you:
  •  The contraceptive pill will work for sex within the previous five days.
  •  Contraceptive pills are not recommended as a regular contraceptive method.
  •  Contraceptive pills do not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), unlike condoms.
  •  Contraceptive pills can cause side effects such as nausea and fatigue or bleeding.
  •  Long-term fertility does not affect contraceptive use.


1. When should I take an emergency pill?

You can take emergency contraceptive pills, especially for safe sex, from 12 hours to 72 to prevent pregnancy from unsafe sexual intercourse.

2. Is one pill enough to stop pregnancy?

9.7 percent effective if properly consumed birth control pill, which contributes significantly to preventing pregnancy.

3. What does emergency contraception do to your body?

Emergency contraceptive pills work to prevent ovulation so that there is no abortion.

4. Do periods occur after taking an I pill?

Emergency contraceptive pills do not happen immediately after menstruation, you should expect the next time period when you are using contraceptive pills.

5. Does I pill affect future pregnancy?

Contraceptive pills do not affect a woman's chances of becoming pregnant. The contraceptive pill that brings good news for future contraception for contraceptive users.

6. Can the pill cause infertility?

Contraceptive pills or birth pills do not cause infertility, but contraceptive pills or birth control pills can affect your fertility and mask other reproductive disorders.

7. How long does spotting last?

Implantation spotting lasts from hours to several days.

8. How do you know if the morning after pill worked?

The way to know if pregnancy is effective in the morning after taking the pill is to know when your next period of time will arrive and if your deadline is not reached a week later, but you should check.
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