Viga Spray Price 

Many people from different parts of Bangladesh write the word viga spray price and search on Google. Because Viga spray plays a special role in eliminating male genital problems. Super Viga Spray is one of the spray products available in Bangladesh. What is the cost of Viga spray if you want to buy it directly you can buy it from our website or you can order directly by calling our phone number 01701350579 

Benefits of Original Viga Spray for Long Lasting sex

Viga spray is used to prolong intercourse with your partner. Many people have been able to achieve great results using Viga Spray. Once applied to the Viga spray on your penis, you can have more sex with your partner than ever before. Viga spray makes a special contribution to performing longer while having sex with your partner and the ability to satisfy your lucky lady much more and give her multiple orgasms. Viga Spray works within 5 to 15 minutes of application. Vega Spray sensitizes the male genitalia. Vega Spray is primarily developed for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction. It contains vitamin E.

How do I use super Viga Spray?

Many internet users have started asking about the rules of using Viga spray. Generally, when using Viga spray, you should spray it well on your penis. Obviously, it cannot be washed off immediately after use, and 10 to 15 minutes after it is used, you may indulge in sexual intercourse with your wife. If you have any questions or concerns about the product, please write to us, and we will certainly do our best to answer your comments.

Some tips on using Viga spray are discussed below.

  • Clean the penis using warm water and soap before using the Viga Spray.
  • Use Viga Spray 15 minutes before intercourse with your partner.
  • Apply the spray two to three times to your penis.
  • When using Viga spray, it should be sprayed well around the penis.
  • viga spray is for use by adult men only.
  • Spray it well on your penis and use it.
  • Do not wash it immediately after use.
  • you must have intercourse with your partner while using it.
  • Forget about the past and start using this spray today to give sexual satisfaction to your wife. Your happy life is our only wish.
  • Size: 45 ml
  • Country of origin: Germany.

viga spray price in Bangladesh

Viga Spray is a popular product in Bangladesh. Viga spray plays a special role in lasting union with your partner. And increases sexual power and ejaculation time by 40 to 50 minutes. If you want to buy Viga spray from us, then you have to pay from 1200 to BDT 1550 for each viga spray. Buy Viga Spray Price Wholesale and Retail Products Search by typing your product name in the search box and confirm whether you want to buy wholesale or retail and order by calling our office number: 01701350579.

How much does viga spray price?

Many people question the price of Viga spray. In our country, there are many online sites that sell at different prices. But if you want to buy Viga Spray from us, then you can buy Viga Spray from our website from 1200 to BDT 1550 each. Since it is a foreign product, its price sometimes goes down and sometimes goes up.

How are we charging less on Viga Spray?

We sell every product keeping in mind the convenience of our customers. Because we are a trusted and reliable online shop in Bangladesh. We can import Viga Spray directly from Germany and sell it at wholesale prices. Try buying Viga Spray at wholesale price from our website to see how effective the product is for long-lasting intercourse with your partner. If it works for you and can achieve the results you want, then always use it.

How to order Viga spray? 

You can collect Viga Spray from any part of Bangladesh by calling the number given on our website to order Viga Spray directly from us. So call us to purchase directly without delay. Our phone number is 01701350579

The specific rules for ordering Viga spray are discussed below

  • You can order through our phone number or website.
  • Be sure to confirm the power of the product when ordering.
  • To purchase the product in Dhaka (specified place) and outside Dhaka (district city) advance payment of Tk 100 should be made through BKash/Cash to confirm the order.
  • Upazila/police station delivery full price of the product should be paid in advance. Products are sent through Sundarban Courier to Upazila/Thana.
  • Bikash or Nogod Number: 01701350579
  •  The product will be delivered within 1-2 days in District Town and 3-5 days in Upazila/ Thana Town from the date of payment.
  • You must pay the delivery charges to return the product.

viga spray price

Best viga spray price list 2023

viga spray price

  • Buy 3 Combo Packs of Viga Spray together and get 1 Viga Spray Free
  • If you buy 2 Viga sprays together, the delivery charge is free all over Bangladesh.
  • You can use it for greater quality time with your partner.
  • Makes your private parts longer and permanently fatter.
  • Intercourse with your partner will prevent premature ejaculation.
  • A long thick hard vein will refresh your private parts.
  • Completely removes the dull coldness of the private parts.
  • You can associate 3 to 4 times more than normal.
  • Three to four times helps reduce bodily weakness.
  • Diabetics and heart patients can use it.

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Delivery method Viga spray price in bd:

  • We provide home delivery all over Bangladesh, there is no delivery charge.
  • An advance of tk.100 is required to confirm the order.
  • Your product will reach you within 1 to 2 days (working days). 
  • We deliver all over Bangladesh through S, A Paribahan, Sundarban, Kartoa, and AJR Courier.
  • If there is no courier condition delivery option in your area then full payment must be developed in advance.
  • Pay the delivery man first and get the product.
  • Check the product from the delivery man.
  • No complaints, no product changes, or returns will be entertained after departure.

viga spray price in bd

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viga spray price

viga spray price

viga spray price

Viga Spray contains a delayed-release spray with vitamin have long-lasting intercourse with your wife, and by using Viga spray you can stop or prevent the premature ejaculation process. Apply Viga Spray to the head of your penis When your partner is ready for intercourse, wait 10 to 15 minutes. Viga spray can prevent your ejaculation process because it is a completely natural ingredient and by using Viga spray you can enjoy long-lasting sex with your partner. People in Bangladesh use viga spray because they believe it will give them a temporary and quick fix on their beds.

You can easily use this spray before having sex with your partner. The effective results of this spray are very fast. If you are having trouble with premature ejaculation to have sex with your wife then Viga Delay Spray plays a special role for you. Most people in Bangladesh can go long in bed with their partner without ejaculation by using Viga spray. When having sex with your partner, he will be surprised when he sees that you are having sex with him 10 times longer than before. She will like you more. Delay the Viga spray and give this to your lady as a way to satisfy her.

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Viga super strong delay spray for men

the spray is made in Germany. Spraying on the head of the penis makes the penis very hard and strong makes And works within 15 to 20 minutes after spraying. Using it before intercourse with your partner can make sex last longer and you can have intercourse for 10 times longer than before.

Viga spray is popularly known for its ability to last longer and satisfy your partner. The use of your penis provides orgasms. If you feel a little sensation after using it on your penis, ignore it for a while as the sensation will subside within a minute. Alternatively, you can spray on your palms and massage the head of your penis to prolong intercourse. This spray is odorless and tasteless so even if you’re having oral pleasure, your partner won’t be able to tell you’ve used it.

Tips for preventing premature ejaculations

Premature ejaculation is a common condition that affects men in our country (75% percent). Viga Delay Spray is recommended for anyone to solve this problem. Viga Spray plays a special role for those who have difficulty achieving full sexual satisfaction to prolong sexual intercourse with their partner due to premature ejaculation. Spray twice on the head of the penis before intercourse with your partner, and wait 5 minutes before you have long-time intercourse with your partner.

super viga spray

Original Super Vega Spray is extra strong and contributes to long-lasting sex with your partner. And this spray for men contains vitamin E which sensitizes the penis when sprayed on the head of the penis and works within 5 minutes of spraying. With one use you can have sex with your partner for 10 times longer than before.

viga spray side effects

  • Don’t exceed the recommended dosage of 2-3 squirts. This spray is powerful, do not use more than the recommended dose.
  • Apply Super Vega Strong Delay Spray to your penis at least 10 to 15 minutes before intercourse with your partner.
  • Intercourse with your partner will increase your pleasure and confidence, increasing his enjoyment, satisfaction, and desire.
  • Viga Strong Spray Volume- 45 ml.

The info you find here is current, complete, and accurate in accordance with corporate requirements. Please note that this information about an individual’s health should be taken into account, but not as a replacement for professional medical advice or treatment.

The information we provide is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. Any absence of information or warning on any drug shall not be considered as an implied warranty by the Company. We assume no responsibility for the results arising from the above-mentioned information and strongly recommend that in case of any questions or doubts you Get physical advice from a doctor.

Benefits of using Viga spray price in bd

Imported from Germany male enhancement spray viga. Using it will increase your intercourse time by 5-10 times.

  • Viga spray prolongs the duration of intercourse.
  • Male sexual impotence is eliminated by using Viga spray.
  • In the case of problems with premature ejaculation, it eliminates the problem.
  • It is long-lasting i.e. its main function is to prolong the term of intercourse.
  • The new ViGA spray starts working within moments of actually touching the penis.
  • Helps control ejaculation due to extreme sexual intensity during intercourse.
  • It plays a special role in preventing premature ejaculation and reduces the sensitivity of your penis.
  • Gives your partner an erection for longer intercourse.
  •  It greatly increases your enjoyment and confidence while having sex with your partner.
  • Spray two/three times on the head of the penis before intercourse with your partner.
  • This spray is powerful, but no more than 3 sprays are recommended at usage.
  • Actually, viga spray is still readily available in Bangladesh, but you have to know which option is best for you.
  • By using Viga spray, a man can prevent his problem of premature ejaculation, thereby getting more time for intercourse.
  • In simple words and in short, BKSP basically prevents the problem of premature ejaculation in men i.e. helps in the retention of semen during intercourse.

What is viga spray?

If you use it once before intercourse with your partner, you can have 10 times longer-lasting intercourse than before. And sexual intercourse will last for a long time and because of its ability to satisfy your lucky lady, Vega spray plays a special role. And gives orgasm to your partner.

Viga Strong Delay Spray is recommended for those who find it difficult to achieve the satisfaction of full intercourse due to premature ejaculation. For the duration of the sexual session, spray twice on the head of the penis and wait five minutes before you want to have intercourse with your partner. If you’ve been experiencing tingling sensations after spraying, ignore them; within a minute the sensation will disappear.

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Super Viga Spray for Humans is a powerful long-lasting spray

Super Viga is a powerful delay spray for men. Sensitive spray for humans. Clinically proven to prolong your sex time for you too. Better Maximum Sensation Prolonged Climax, 2.6ml Health & Personal Care.The best spray for use to lengthen individual intimacy, external, non-toxic, and does not cause any adverse effects.
viga delay spray

Premature Ejaculation is a sexual problem in which a man with a penis has rapid discharge after starting sexual activity. A few types of treatment are accessible to help postpone the discharge. This includes showers that a person can apply directly to the penis.

In this article, we investigate intermittent discharge showers, their adequacy, and how to use them. We likewise recommend some items that individuals can try. If that’s not too much of a problem, note that the claims below are research-based. Medical News Today, including its editorial, has never ventured into these areas.

Untimely discharge:

Premature ejaculation (PE) is common in which a man ejaculates after limited penile arousal. Men experiencing PE may ejaculate immediately after foreplay or intercourse. An individual could also be affected by PE due to certain physical and psychological reasons.

Part of this includes:

  • Prostate problems
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Use of sports drugs
  • Tragic
  • stress
  • Relationship problems
  • nervousness about sex and sexual execution
  • Molding, for example, constant rapid discharge from masturbation.
  • Horrible sex.
  • and beliefs about serious childhood and sex
  • a delicate gender

No matter how much you buy hundreds of good products, if you don’t know how to use the product properly, you can’t expect proper results from it, so you need to know how to use this product properly. This article, Our article about Viga spray will explain its guiding principle. 

So let’s know the detailed information about viga spray.

  • First of all, only men can use Viga spray, girls can’t use it, and it can’t be eaten, it only needs to be sprayed on your penis.
  • Viga spray can be used day or night whenever you want, but it should be used before sexual intercourse. Avoid using it during sexual intercourse.
  • As Viga spray cannot be used by women, avoid applying it on female genitals.
  • Viga Spray should be massaged into the male penis, i.e. spray it on the tip of your penis.
  • Muslims do not usually cut the foreskin, while other religions do not, they spray it on the foreskin and leave the foreskin.
  • Viga spray must be used by spraying the male penis before sexual intercourse, as a result of its use, the problem of premature ejaculation will be prevented.
  • viga spray minor males before the age of 18 must refrain from using it, if any side effects occur during its use, stop using it.

warning viga spray:

For external use only. Do not use more than 2 sprays per spray during intercourse with your partner. Close the cap tightly after using the spray. Store between 5-25°C. Not recommended for people to use this product under sunlight and heat. This product is not recommended for patients with heart and blood pressure problems. This spray should only be used within 24 hours.

A visit to a medical expert is a good suggestion for people taking medication for any sort of ailment. If you experience any complications, check in with your doctor. Make sure you can store your spray in a dry and cool environment that is out of the reach of children.

Viga spray price  Extra Strong Mens Delay Spray With Vitamin E 

Viga spray plays a special role in prolonging pleasurable sexual activity several times and for couples who want to increase pleasure during intercourse. Don’t forget to spray twice on your penis, wait for it to take 5 minutes, and then you are ready to perform. If you feel uncomfortable after spraying, let it sit for a minute and ignore it. It can be applied directly to your penis, and then you can massage it into your penis. Another thing you should know is that it is recommended to use Viga spray only 2-3 sprays, so you can never tell your partner that you are using Viga spray during your intercourse.

Let us all know that this Viga spray is very strong, do not use more than the recommended dosage. Did you know that our Viga Spray – Vitamin E, Viga Extra Strength Spray nourishes and activates your cells? Our Viga Spray is very powerful and can make sex last longer Our Viga Spray adds Vitamin E to strengthen you and nourish cells. Among Bangladesh, Vega Spray is the strongest version of this substance and it also improves penile sex. Now VIGA EXTRA STRONG brings full sexual satisfaction. 

Currently, our new Viga spray contains Vitamin E which is easily absorbed through topical application. Our Super Vega Spray is a long-delay spray. Whoever made this particular product added vitamin E to it. Our VEGA spray brings great pleasure to your intercourse. 

Delayed male

enhancement Our topical lidocaine prescription is recommended by an amazing 2000 urologists and is designed and defined to help effectively and completely monitor male ejaculation. With a metered splash section, men can manage their penile impact and perform better physically.

Basic and simple Apply our item just 10 minutes before intercourse, and appreciate your increased sexual power. Promocent Shower can be purchased hassle-free without a prescription from your PCP. You are in charge of ongoing functionality. Our ideal size is about 60 with a splash.

Developed and produced with the tried and tested College School of Pharmacy, Promascent Desensitizing Delay Spray is the only spray available that absorbs under the skin to affect sensitive spots, providing longer and truly fulfilling sex. Verified for use by Men’s Health, Esquire, and Men’s Health. Recommended for your spouse too. Splash is 100% FDA Compliant and will not go to your partner, giving you both fun and complete

sex delay sprays side effects.

 Delay spray loads and consequences in Bangladesh

  • constantly need to design your penis

since delayed splash must be applied just before intercourse, there must be continuous preparation.

  • Less Pleasure

The principle employed by the bath’s unique substance compound is to desensitize the penis, so one is likely to experience less pleasure during intercourse.

  • Often it frustrates the partner.

When having penetrative or oral sex, the effects of sensitivity can be transferred to your partner resulting in reduced pleasure for both.

  • Can Affect Your Erection

Postpone Online Shopping A piece of lube that is too hard or when you put something on top is more likely to cause loss of sensation in the penis. Next, affect the building.

  • Answer No.

A sustained splash is not the answer to untimely discharge. Men should continue to buy Delayed Splash every time they expect sex.

delay spray of use by doing an order

An effective technique that’s frequently utilized in order to preserve the sexual region of men. Suspended showers, untimely discharge splashes, gender-sensitive showers – there are many names associated with these items, yet they all have similar causes and some have similar definitions.

 long the time up to spray of Usage

Usage Kamasutra Longlast Spray is recommended to be used shortly before intercourse. Keep your can far from your genital area before shaking it. Bathe 3-4 times until the entire area is covered.

sex spray Medicinal

sprays turn your ideal penis into a rock-solid trust. It is specifically for men who find it difficult to have an erection over an extended period of time. It helps to delay delayed erection in men with premature discharge for extreme splash and sustained sex. This guarantees overall better fulfillment for both partners.


  • It keeps the male penis active and extends the duration of sexual exercise.
  • Very Attractive Features:
  • Help the penis stay erect for a longer period of time
  • It allows your penis to reach the maximum level Makes
  • the effect possible to bring long-lasting pleasure with delayed ejaculation
  • Works on the nature of seconds for both partners Bearing item for use directly on the penis
  • initially, before spraying Do a skin test

A few drops of the pleasure fragrance.

  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Helps slightly desensitize the penis
  • Contains oak bark extracts to prolong the pleasure
  • Helps delay ejaculation and maintains erection
  • Product ideal for frequent use
  • powerful spray to delay ejaculation 10 ml

The delaying spray delays ejaculation while providing unparalleled softness to the skin of the penis. The caresses are felt but do not cause ejaculation. Pleasure is controlled and it’s a real pleasure to make love without fear of losing control.

How to use a powerful spray to delay ejaculation?

In a few pressures (2 to 4 maximum) 5 to 10 minutes before intercourse, you produce desensitization of the skin and therefore the pleasure felt can be prolonged. Sexual arousal is sometimes such that ejaculation comes without warning, but the spray can effectively control the quality and duration of the pleasure felt.

Do not use the spray for oral sex, otherwise wash the penis after putting the spray on, and the feeling of pleasure remains the same.

Some interesting info about all Viga spray:

Super Viga 50,000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E Product Information:

What gives us more happiness than communication with our partner is the actual physical exchange. Life is grand if your sexual relationship is good and active. Sexual intercourse between a couple is perfect, which keeps them cheerful and devoted, resulting in an engaging and significant partnership. There is no limit to the level of physical sexual enjoyment one can enjoy. Everyone has an insatiable_ longing_ to prolong[their intimacy]_ as much as possible:_ however, the most_ significant exception_ for romantic couples_ is_ to recover_ their erectile_ performance_ for longer_. Super Viga 50000 spray_ fortified with Vitamin E_ helps_ in maintaining_ a_ longer_ erection. Couples who discover that the skin pleasant spray lets them have a satisfying sexual activity and carry out a prolonged sexual encounter find joy that cannot be posed in words. The spray is beneficial to men with premature ejaculation problems and those who purposely wanted to lengthen their coital sessions to enjoy a memorable encounter.

What does Super Viga 50000 Delay Spray contain?

Super viga 50,000 has a delayed spray that contains 10 lidocaine. This is the recommended dosage for many delay spray products sold on the market. Local anesthetic lidocaine is widely used in delay sprays. The compound inhibits men’s bodies decreasing their ability to endure penetrative sexual contact longer.

How do I use Super Viga 50000 Delay Spray? 

Before you attempt to use the bottle again, take a test and spray yourself on your arm or leg for five minutes. If you have never been allergic to it before, then you should be fine using Super Viga 50,000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E and having fulfilling sexual relations with your loved one. For best results, apply Super Viga 50000 Delay Spray liberally 10 minutes before you engage in intimate activities. Spray 3-4 times on the head of the penis.  Do not over that you use too much spray thinking that more sprays are better for your banging time. Oxford University Press.” (1999): Oxford Bibliographies. Web. 23 Apr. 2019. To improve penetrative sex with your partner, indulge together in enjoyable sexual activity. As soon as the end of the game arrives, thoroughly wash your organ with warm water or sponge it with a clean cloth. Also, clean your hands.

Are there any health benefits of Super Viga 50000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E?

External application spray Super Viga 50000 can desensitize your organ, letting you have better control over your ejaculation length Premature ejaculation is a humiliation that some men must deal with. Viga 50000 ends up being helpful specifically to guys who suffer from this condition. They will be able to delay their ejaculation time and perform satisfying sexual encounters. Your wife’s ability to undulate for a longer time will enhance, and this will guarantee sent to you a greater sense of satisfaction in bed. You could give your girlfriend her favorite orgasm and satisfy her. Using time-tested and proven methods, the Super Viga 50000 Delay Spray prevents sexual problems in relationships and divorce due to sexual dissatisfaction.

What side effects does Super Viga 50,000 Delay Spray have?

Super Viga Spray 50,000 is generally safe and without contraindications under normal circumstances – Use spray only as much as necessary to reach the top of your or your preference. Overspraying is harmful and may cause numbness of your penis, in which case you can seek help to address the situation right away. Do not spray this spray if you have myasthenic gravis, epilepsy, heart impairment, or hepatic degeneration. If you are experiencing systemic illness and are taking prescription drugs, consult your physician first before trying this spray.

Delay Spray With Vitamin E Product Description: Super Viga 100000

Everyone in the world wants to extend their intimacy regardless of social status, caste, creed, And nation, such as across regional, regional and national boundaries Super Vega 100000 Spray Supplement with Vitamin E for men is intended to deepen intimacy and satisfy their love. The spray is specially designed to sensitize. The male organ is sprayed on the head for 5 minutes. It works instantly. So, if you’re in the mood for some high-quality bonding, you can both indulge in satisfying indulgence after spraying the tip of your penis for 5 minutes before getting into the game. Your partner will surely be very happy as he enjoys multiple orgasms while his natural efforts make you repeatedly.

What does Super Vega 100000 Delay Spray contain?

Super Vega 100000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E contains an approved block of lidocaine and vitamin E. The compound is naturally found in a chemical mixture that gets rid of all delay sprays and increases the duration of vaginal penetration by up to 1 million by anesthetizing your organs. minutes This externally applied spray will sensitize the reflex field of your penis, giving you more control over your ejaculation activity and thereby prolonging your sexual activity.

How to make use of Super Vega 100000 Delay Spray?

Shake the spray well before use. Shake the can before spraying it onto your penis. If you do not experience an allergic reaction, you can take Super Vega 100000 Delay Spray and pursue a satisfying sexual experience with your lover. To maintain the maximum effect, soak for several minutes. Repeat the spray 3-4 times. Alternatively, you can spray it on your arms and rub it all over your penis with your fingers. Don’t get too wet. Overwetting can be dangerous. With frequent practice, you will become familiar with the amount of spray to use.

What are the benefits of a treatment using Super Vega 100000 Delay Spray with vitamin E?

In most cases, allowing more time to ejaculate leads to higher sexual enjoyment for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Unexpected Entitled 100000 translates into valuable help for men dealing with this problem. They can prolong it and have some intimate fun in bed. Additional sexual satisfaction is ensured for all partners as the ability to maintain an erection for a longer period of time is ensured. It is possible to give him an orgasm of immense proportions – a time-tested product and a tried and true response to anxiety. Super Vega 100000 has a verifiable ability to preserve romantic partnerships and save those torn apart by infertility.

What are the possible side effects of Super Viga 100,000 Delay Spray?

Viga STD 100000 is generally safe and has No side effects.

Super Viga 400000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E – Product Description:

When you are looking at your sex life from a negative or unfavorable perspective and more When you need to invest more time and energy, or you are interested in expanding your sex life by investing more time, a great solution awaits you. Super Viga 400,000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E helps you reach your goals, no matter what Super Viga 400,000 Delay Spray is a gift from heaven for men with premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation can ruin happiness and affect life severely. Your partner laments your inability to prolong orgasm even when you really want to. This type of solution is suitable for boys who may be unable to stop ejaculation. All you have to do is use the right number of sprays and all the fun will last.

How do I use Super Viga 400,000 Delay Spray with Vitamin E?

No side effects have been reported under general conditions yet. Super Vega 400000 with Vitamin E is safe. It is a powerful delayed spray. Don’t overspray in the belief that you can last longer with more sprayers. Overspray can develop permanent damage to your plumbing that requires expensive treatment.

Super Vega 99000 Extra Strong Delay Spray Product Description

safe sex life not only promotes the health of your body, but also the health of your mind. Viga Super 99000 Strong Delay Spray can help you make your loved one last longer. Perhaps it can be an extra energy spray with the addition of vitamin E, where you can experience sexual activity for 5 to 10 times longer than usual and give him an intense orgasm. Remember that you have a special role to play in balancing your performance with your partner’s satisfaction.

How Super Viga 99000 Super Strong Delay Spray is used?

Before opening the bottle, make sure to shake it. You may test the spray on your skin for approximately 5 minutes to make sure it’s not going to cause an allergic reaction. If you are not allergic to the substance, you can proceed to have a pleasant sexual encounter with your loved one. Spray 5 to 10 minutes before intercourse. After intercourse, wash your penis thoroughly with water, also keep your hands clean.

How beneficial is using Super Vega 99000 Delay Spray Extra Strong?

We want you to have lasting sex with your partner. Super Vega 99,000 is a strong option for men seeking a cure for premature ejaculation. Prolonged ejaculation can lead to intense and pleasurable sexual experiences.

What precautions should be taken while using Super Vega 99000 Extra Strong Delay Spray?

Extra Viga Extra Strong 99000 is generally safe and without side effects under normal conditions. This is a particularly strong spray. This means it’s okay to foolishly overspray believing it will benefit your performance. Overspray can cause painful numbness in your private parts.


If you have any questions about our services, you can contact us so that we can provide you with more personalized attention.

  • Our contact details are:
  • Cell/WhatsApp: 01701350579
  • E-mail:

Viga spray is a natural product that will make those strong and powerful erections come back. Increased self-confidence, increased sexual performance, and incredible orgasms. Viga spray has no side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How to use super Viga Delay Sprays?

  • If you are planning to apply the spray for the first time, it is recommended to start with just one spray.

How Delay Sprays can delay my ejaculation?

  • Most of the delay sprays that contain a mild anesthetic chemical called Benzocaine administer to this tissue. The penile membrane will then control ejaculation.

How long can I continue to lie in bed with the delay spray?

  • So, how long you remain in bed depends on your physiology, penile sensitivity, tension level, and your overall stamina.

Does Delay Spray need to be washed off with soap and water prior to sexual intercourse?

  • It is important that you wash your penis before engaging with your lover.

Is it safe for oral sex?

  • No. we explicitly do not recommend oral-sex Delay sprays.
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